While Provision Asheville isn’t necessarily a Christian non-profit organization, its board, staff, and majority of volunteers are all Christian.  Our purpose behind this structure is simply to communicate love, service, and fellowship to our local communities without their pre-conceived notions of who Christ is and what our faith is about.  We have found the best way to break down the barriers of people’s negative attitudes towards the Christian faith is through relational ministry.


What is relational ministry?

            Relational ministry is simply the building of relationships with unbelievers to bring the gospel message into their hearts.  In a culture like Asheville, a simple invitation to church typically has very little impact.  People think they know what church is ‘all about’ already and have no interest in attending church services.  Relational ministry allows you to build trust and friendships with those without Jesus.

            Take for instance John 4 with Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well.  The world of sinners loved by God includes not just respectable insiders (believers) seeking truth but broken outsiders (unbelievers) running from the truth.  None of us are beyond the need of God’s grace and none of us are beyond the reach of God’s grace.  Jesus has come to seek and to save both the “found”, those who presume they already have a relationship with God, and the “lost”, those who realize they don’t.

            We believe a wide open door to building relationships with unbelievers is through being intentional through meeting physical needs.  We seek to empower churches to not only meet these physical needs, but to step out of their comfort zones to befriend those different from them.  To be like Jesus in Luke 7:34 and “come eating and drinking…a friend of tax collectors and sinners!”


Would your church partner with us?  Would you allow us to help provide opportunities for your church to serve your local community?  Would you use our resources to help us train your people to step outside their comfort zones and build relationship with their unbelieving neighbors, co-workers, friends, and strangers?


There are three ways you can partner alongside of us to see the gospel message spread across Asheville:

  1. Give!  There are a ton of physical needs going unmeet in our local communities and it takes financial resources to meet those needs.  Maybe your church can commit to give monthly to Provision Asheville.  Or maybe you would allow us to speak to your congregation one Sunday to raise individual support.  If you would like to give today, click here.
  2. Volunteer!  We want to see people volunteer that truly want to serve their community through the power of the Holy Spirit and Gospel intentionality.  You can contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities.
  3. Gospel Intentionality Training!  We are currently developing a curriculum to take groups from your church through to better equip them to be on mission in their lives.  Most Christians find it difficult to muster up the boldness to tell others about Jesus and we want to show practical ways to make this a part of their lifestyle.  You can contact us to find out about these training opportunities.