What a great day it was! The sun was out, the music was floating through the air waves, and the art was selling!

We saw a significant increase of sales compared to last year's event. Over $2700 of artwork was purchased (based on data from only half of the artists). We are glad to support local artists and provide them with a free opportunity to sell their work. 

The raffle was a wonderful success bringing in over $100 to Provision Asheville. Congratulations to our winners Catherine Brown and Rebecca Gallo! 


Artists Quotes

This was a great event! It was so cool connecting with local artists - the variety of talent in Asheville is extraordinary! -Cody Nations

The West Asheville Art walk is always a treat for us. We love getting to know other local artists and meet all the people that support us! Provision Asheville has given us a great platform to get Kleidoscope Studios out there and we're very grateful for these art walk opportunities! - Greg & Amber Kleid
"The West Asheville Art walk was the perfect opportunity for me to display my artwork to the public in a virtually risk-free environment. I would do it again in a heartbeat." -artist in WAPC (let us know if this is from you!)
What a great way to showcase West Asheville Artists! ~Kimberly Masters

After reviewing surveys from the participating artists, as we did last year, we will continue to make changes and implement new ideas based on their feedback. 

Some of the changes from our first Art Walk (November 2015) to this one (June 2016) included the addition of volunteers, maps at each location, additional signage, a larger social media presence, and changing the event to the afternoon. 

We will continue to do this and more! As we look towards planning the next Art Walk we will host a meeting for participating artists to discuss even more ideas.