We are thankful to partner with Manna Food Bank who provides the majority of our food. Since our partnership began in June, Provision Asheville  has received 8,340 pounds of food. 

          For every dollar you spend, you receive 9.1 pounds of food.

      Using the Feeding America-given rate of 1 Meal = 1.2 Pounds, $1 purchases 7.6 Meals

o   Provision Asheville has provided the equivalent of 6,950 meals to the community

       Feeding America gives us an average “Fair Market Value” of all food we distribute (Currently $1.70/Pound)

o   Provision Asheville has provided roughly $14,178 worth of food to the community (a rate of return over 15 times what you have spent)


You can help continue to make this possible by donating a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly donor!