Have you heard about Give!Local?

The Mountain Xpress started Give!Local last year to bring awareness of local non profits and help raise funds for them. 

Mountain Xpress’ Give!Local Guide is Asheville’s easiest path to year-end giving. G!LG showcases small, medium and large organizations whose missions fall into five categories: Community, Youth, Animals, Arts, and Environment. Give!Local is modeled after and mentored by Portland, Oregon’s Give!Guide project, now in its 15th year. Read the full scoop here. 

Every non profit included in the Give!Local guide has their 501(c)3 status. What does that mean for you? Any donation you make to these organizations is tax deductible! 

Provision Asheville is proud to be part of the Give!Local guide this year. You can easily send a donation at to us as well as any of the other organizations on the list all in one simple step. 

Your donation to Provision Asheville will help fight food insecurity in our community, support local artists, and more. You can read more details on our initiatives here

In addition to supporting local non profits, you can win prize packages, earn incentives, and more! For anyone who donates to Provision Asheville, you will receive a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase at MTN Merch

The program ends December 31st!

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Pop Up Show!

                   We're excited to host another pop up art show            

in West Asheville! 



Saturday, October 22nd                                                                                                            


Salvation Army: Boys and Girls Club                                                                                
750 Haywood Rd. West Asheville                                                                                      
Tents will be set up outside right in front of the building!


Several LOCAL artists will be setting up and selling their work! They offer a wide variety of types as well as price ranges to fit everyone's needs! Come shop for yourself or start some early holiday shopping! 

We look forward to seeing you there! 







West Asheville Art Walk in Review


What a great day it was! The sun was out, the music was floating through the air waves, and the art was selling!

We saw a significant increase of sales compared to last year's event. Over $2700 of artwork was purchased (based on data from only half of the artists). We are glad to support local artists and provide them with a free opportunity to sell their work. 

The raffle was a wonderful success bringing in over $100 to Provision Asheville. Congratulations to our winners Catherine Brown and Rebecca Gallo! 


Artists Quotes

This was a great event! It was so cool connecting with local artists - the variety of talent in Asheville is extraordinary! -Cody Nations

The West Asheville Art walk is always a treat for us. We love getting to know other local artists and meet all the people that support us! Provision Asheville has given us a great platform to get Kleidoscope Studios out there and we're very grateful for these art walk opportunities! - Greg & Amber Kleid
"The West Asheville Art walk was the perfect opportunity for me to display my artwork to the public in a virtually risk-free environment. I would do it again in a heartbeat." -artist in WAPC (let us know if this is from you!)
What a great way to showcase West Asheville Artists! ~Kimberly Masters

After reviewing surveys from the participating artists, as we did last year, we will continue to make changes and implement new ideas based on their feedback. 

Some of the changes from our first Art Walk (November 2015) to this one (June 2016) included the addition of volunteers, maps at each location, additional signage, a larger social media presence, and changing the event to the afternoon. 

We will continue to do this and more! As we look towards planning the next Art Walk we will host a meeting for participating artists to discuss even more ideas. 



Art Walk Raffle!

Buy tickets for your chance to win a collection of art worth $150! 

Get your tickets at   > Select Raffle Tickets

The collection includes:

Enter to win handmade bath samples!

During the Art Walk, $1 raffle tickets will be sold to win a sample package of homemade bath products including: 1 Orange Delight Bath Salt Sample, 1 Orange Delight Bath Bomb, 1 Vanilla Kiss Body Scrub Sample (2ounce), & 1 Minty Cocoa Body Scrub Sample (2ounce) from Black Rose Essentials. 

Visit AVL Coworking on June 25th from 12-5 to buy your tickets!

**Winners do not need to be present to win. Raffle ends June 25th at 5pm. Winners will be announced the following week. All proceeds will fund the Art Walk and future Provision Asheville events. 


Second Food Pantry Location


Second Food Pantry Location

We are excited to announce our partnership with Asheville First Church of the Nazarene as they are now running a second food pantry location! Our hope is to serve more people each month by having a location that will be more easily accessible to residents on that side of Patton as well as reach individuals and families who were not aware of our first location. 

The food pantry is located at their building at 385 Hazel Mill Rd. It is open on the first Saturday of each month from 9-10am.

Both of our panties are "client choice" meaning that there are no pre-stocked boxes to pick up, but instead clients can choose the items that they need and want.  

The pantry opened last Saturday and saw 19 clients. A group of volunteers from Asheville First Church of the Nazarene was on hand to serve and will continue to do so monthly. Signs will be posted adjacent to the building. 

The Calvary Baptist location will still be open on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 3-4:30.



Thanks to local businesses!

Thanks to the collaboration with local businesses, we will be able to host over 4o artists at the June Art Walk. We are grateful for their support of local artists, Provision Asheville, and our community! We are happy to add more businesses along Haywood Rd. If you own a business and would like to participate, please email

Partnering businesses for the West Asheville Art Walk, June 25th:

-West Asheville Presbyterian Church

-Luke Atkinson Furniture

-Essential Journeys Studio

-Odds Cafe

-Pour Taproom

-The Salvation Army

-AVL Coworking (coming soon!)


Partnering Business for Art Walk


Partnering Business for Art Walk

We've got a great start to the West Asheville Art Walk in June! Last year our partnering businesses were able to make space for 50 artists. Some returning locations include: Essential Journeys Studio, Pour, and Luke Atkinson Furniture. We'll also have some new venues including Buffalo Nickel. 

We are well on our way to having space for 50 artists, but we would love to hold more. We are looking for more partnering businesses along Haywood Rd. So, email me at to sign up as a partnering business!

The event is not possible without your support! Let's make the second West Asheville Art Walk even bigger than the first! 



2nd Annual West Asheville Art Walk is in the works!


2nd Annual West Asheville Art Walk is in the works!

The 2nd annual West Asheville Art Walk will be held on Saturday, June 25, 2016!

Like last year, our artists will all be locals and the event is entirely free for them to set up and sell their work.  We do this in order to serve our mission of building community through service. 

We are currently looking for businesses to host our artists! If you own a business on Haywood Rd. and would like to host an artist (1 or more!) please send an email to me at 

Click here to learn more about the Art Walk and like us on Facebook to see all the updates!

*We are not yet accepting artists for the event. As soon as we know how many spaces are available, we will let you know!


What's so exciting about an old truck?

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What's so exciting about an old truck?

We were recently given a truck to haul food from Manna Food Bank to our main food pantry, and future food pantries as we are in talks with several groups that want to serve their local communities.

When you tell people you were given a truck that is over 20 years old, with 300,000 miles, and dents in the body and bumper, and scratches and rust all over, they look at you like you were a fool to take on this liability.  But there is a story behind this truck...

My Dad purchased this truck 20 years ago, when I was around 12.  It was the first vehicle he had ever purchased new for himself, and probably the only vehicle he every spent more than $500 on (he was a mechanic).  I remember him coming home on a Friday afternoon like a little boy, running to Mom to beg her for the $5,000 down payment (Mom was the saver in the family), and praying for a yes.  When he drove it home, I remember being just as excited as he was.  Although we had purchased a van new in the 80's, I was too young to remember that purchase.  I remember asking where I would sit and sitting there, as if I was practicing for all the rides I would take in it.  This became our family vehicle, taking it on vacations, trips to town, camping with the Boy Scouts, etc.  When I turned 16, Dad would let me take it out on the weekends for dates.  I would wash it on Friday afternoon, vacuum the interior, and clean the windows.  Afterwards, I'd fill it up with gas for Dad to start the week with (gas was only 99 cents a gallon then).

In later years, Dad didn't pay quite as much attention to cars and things around him.  He also quit cleaning the truck.  As he was a mechanic and did body work, he and his clothes where always gross, and so was the interior.  It was looking pretty rough.  He did always take care of it mechanically and serviced it well.  I never knew him to drive much over the speed limit and he was always easy on the engine and transmission.

Why do I tell you all this information?  Well, my father, Kenneth David Robinson, passed away last year.  He was only 62 years old and it came on somewhat unexpectedly.  In the last few years of his life, his 20-some member church in the small rural area of Rougemont, NC started a food pantry.  Like everything at the church, Dad was heavily involved with the food pantry.  His main responsibility was the deep freezer, where he handed out -with careful frugalness - but a perceptive generosity, the gift of frozen meats.

I'm proud to think that the same truck that got him to that pantry to faithfully serve his neighbors is now the same truck that transports around 500 pounds of food a week to our facility.

I had a trusted mechanic look the truck over and he said he couldn't believe the quality of the truck compared to the miles.  He assures me it still has a ton of life left.  My Mom and I spent over 6 hours with brushes, rags, oxi-clean, water, and upholstery cleaner scrubbing out the oil, grease, and nicotine from the interior.

If you have read this much, I'm sorry it's so lengthily.  I think I'm writing this more for my benefit that yours.

We are excited to see how this truck can have a direct impact on hunger in WNC!

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Medical Supplies Closet


Medical Supplies Closet

When we first started, we were given a room full of medical supplies including crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and more. We were thankful for the gift as it was going to be used to serve people who may not have access to those medical items. However, in the past year we have not had any requests for the supplies. So, we decided to see if any other organizations had a need for the equipment.

We got in touch with ABCCM and they were more than happy to take the equipment. Their Medical Ministry will be able to use this equipment in a way that we were not.  






Health and Hygiene Project

Did you know? In addition to food boxes, we have seen an increasing need for health and hygiene products. Over 60% of our clients are female and you can help provide this basic need. 

The goal of this project is to stock our pantry with feminine products and other hygiene items such as body wash, shampoo, and deodorant. 

Ideally, we would like to have these items in stock every time the pantry is open and in emergency situations. Your support is greatly needed to reach our goal! 

You can provide a financial donation towards this project online or by sending a check in the mail. Please be sure to specify "Health and Hygiene". 

Donation of items will be accepted as well. Please contact us to set up a drop off time. 

We welcome groups, businesses, and individuals to join us in serving our city. We will gladly provide boxes and promotional material on request. 



West Asheville Art Walk: A Great Success!

"West Art Walk is an amazing way to see the talent residing in your neighborhood. It's a great event because 100% of the products purchased benefits the local artist and the money stays in the Asheville community. On top of that you get to keep a forever piece by the neighbor/artist you just met!"
-Stuart Engel

On Saturday, November 7, 2015 Provision Asheville hosted the first annual West Asheville Art Walk.  We had 40 local artists participate by setting up tables and selling their unique artwork. There was a variety of mediums including photography, painting, pottery, handmade jewelry, soaps, apparel and more.

Local businesses helped make this event happen by opening up their spaces for artists. We could not have done this without their support.

Our goals were met!

  • Our first goal was to provide free space for local artists to sell their work. We know that prices can be incredibly high for renting out studio or gallery space and we want to support the artists by allowing them to benefit from events like these.

  • Secondly, we wanted to bring art into West Asheville and connect it with the community members. We don’t have the exact numbers of how many people came through the event, but we’re certain it was well over 200!

  • Thirdly, we hoped to allow relationships to be built among artists, businesses, and the community This most certainly happened as we have heard that many of the artists and patrons were able to talk with business owners and enjoy food, drinks, and the space and artists networked among themselves.

  • Last, but not least, we wanted to share information about who Provision Asheville is and what we are doing in the community. We were able to share our mission and initiatives with many community members at the event.  


We have asked for feedback from the artists and we are so excited to hear that they loved the event and want it to take place again! That means you can definitely expect a 2nd annual West Asheville Art Walk in 2016 and the possibility of smaller events throughout the year as well. We have also picked up some great tips and thoughts for next years event to make it even better.



  • This is a terrific idea! It gives local artists a chance to get seen and make some money at an affordable price while supporting the local businesses all in one swoop. -Alien Menace

  • Thank you for the opportunity to show our pet portraits to West Asheville!  We met a lot of groovy artists and enjoyed speaking with the community.  We would absolutely do another show with Provision Asheville!  - Amber and Greg Kleid @ Kleidoscope Studios

  • West AVL Art Walk allowed me to hang out with some of my favorite local artists, Meet new artists & crafts people who shared production tips, and potential new clients... all under the hood of a Rock N Roll bar. - Joshua Marc Levy, Asheville Art Family

  • I had a lot of fun chatting with passersby as I spun up my rabbits' wool on my spinning wheel during the West Asheville Art Walk! -Heidi Kouri of Good Fortune Fiber

  • The Asheville Art Walk brings together all avenues of Asheville's artists and crafters. To see the creativity of others is truly inspiring. ~Sharon Hanson, The Yarn Poet

  • The West Asheville Art Walk is a great event and an awesome way to showcase the work of local artists. As an artist I really appreciated the opportunity to get some of my work out there, especially for free! I would love to see more of these events in the future!-Tim Bromley

  • First Artist Event for West Asheville, a small ember that can only shine brighter in the future. Mark Atkinson was very accommodating and friendly to me and all of the artist in his store, to Mark and all of the store owners. Thank you. -Steve Young Out Of Doors Photo.

  • This was a quality event from all sides. It was a great way for me to meet and connect with other local artists. It was also a wonderful and relaxed way to connect with other people in the community. I look forward to the next one. - Kimberly Masters

                                                                   OTHER QUOTES
  • West Asheville Art Walk was wonderful! Provision Asheville has created an amazing, one of a kind event for area artists making it possible for everyone to be able to afford the gift of art! Bravo!

  • The Art Walk is a fantastic opportunity to meet local artists and support them by purchasing their art, all while getting to know and enjoy what the local business scene has to offer.


Thanks to everyone who made this event possible!

Be sure to follow us to hear about future events like these! and

We also appreciate donations. They make events like these and our other initiatives possible. Click the “Give” tab at the top of the website to donate.

All gifts are tax deductible.




Food Pantry Statistics

We are thankful to partner with Manna Food Bank who provides the majority of our food. Since our partnership began in June, Provision Asheville  has received 8,340 pounds of food. 

          For every dollar you spend, you receive 9.1 pounds of food.

      Using the Feeding America-given rate of 1 Meal = 1.2 Pounds, $1 purchases 7.6 Meals

o   Provision Asheville has provided the equivalent of 6,950 meals to the community

       Feeding America gives us an average “Fair Market Value” of all food we distribute (Currently $1.70/Pound)

o   Provision Asheville has provided roughly $14,178 worth of food to the community (a rate of return over 15 times what you have spent)


You can help continue to make this possible by donating a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly donor!


West Asheville Art Walk


West Asheville Art Walk

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the West Asheville Art Walk on Saturday, November 7th. The event will be held from 11am-3:30pm.  This is a self guided event that will take you through local businesses on Haywood Rd. where local artists have set up booths to sell their work.

An information booth will be set up at Grace Baptist Church where you can pick up a map and directory. Free parking will also be available.

Let us know you are coming on Facebook  and follow the page for updates. 

If you are  interested in a booth at the West Asheville Art Walk, please email Sara at with your name, type of artwork, and contact information. She will contact you with more details. Space is limited, so respond by October 15th.

If you would like to donate to Provision Asheville to host this event and more like this in the future please visit the "give" tab on our webpage.




Studio726 on hold

Unfortunately the costs associated with updating the building for an art studio where too large for what we can currently handle, so the project is on hold.  We definitely plan to open up an affordable studio space in the future. We will keep you updated once we find a new space!

The good news is that the space we were renovating will be used and will benefit both the owner and the community. 





Shop and support Provision Asheville

If you already shop on Amazon, you should try Amazon Smile! When you choose Provision Asheville as your charity, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of the purchase price of eligible purchases to us.


It's an easy way for you to help further our initiatives in the community!



Renovation Part 2

Studio726 is still in the works. Now that we emptied the place out, it's time to do some updating. We've taped off the windows to leave the original green trim around the windows. And we've painted all of the walls white. The front wall will be the main gallery wall. We'll put in shelving as needed to display the many types of artwork that it will hold! Derek and I can see the studio taking shape. Can you?!

We'll be leveling out and fixing up the concrete floors soon. Once that is done this building is going to have it's first major face lift since the 60's. Donations are still needed to fund the renovation. Remember that your gift will support local artists, art classes in West Asheville, as well as the other initiatives of Provision Asheville. Give online at

There are just 18 days left in the campaign and we are far from meeting the mark. Join us today!